5 reasons to go to wedding fairs to find your cake maker

Not every cake maker is suited to every customer. And not every customer is suited to every cake maker. Your mission is to find a wedding cake maker that you like and trust enough to design, bake and decorate your dream cake. Read on to find out why wedding fairs give you a great opportunity to find the cake maker who's right for you.

  1. You will find out which cake suppliers are based locally You need a cake maker who's able and willing to deliver to your wedding venue. Some may not deliver more than a certain distance. I recommend that you don't collect the wedding cake and deliver it to the venue yourself, let the cake maker take the risk of delivering it intact, it will be one less thing for you to stress about on your big day. The cake maker will be used to delivering cakes safe and sound.

  2. You can get to know the cake makers in person Try and get time to chat to cake makers at wedding fairs. It's a good way to find out if you think you'll get on with them. Arrive as soon as the fair opens when it's quieter and you'll have more chance of spending time with cake stall holders. Do they have good listening skills and do they appear genuinely interested in you, your wedding and your cake ideas? Are they making an effort to offer suggestions, discuss prices and budget, and find out what sort of cake you'd like? Do you like and trust them?

  3. You can try cake samples

Check the look, quality and taste of the cakes that are being handed out. If it's important to you that the cakes are home baked, then ask if they are, some cake makers will use cake mixes or may source their cakes from another supplier.

You'll also avoid any time-wasting later at private cake consultations if you've already had a taste of the cake maker's cakes at a wedding fair. Unless, of course, you've been given a personal recommendation from a trusted friend or relative. You can always ask for a few samples to take home if you value others' opinions in your family or if your partner can't be at the wedding fair.

  1. You'll be able to judge the cake decorating skills on display Cake makers will have a number of designs on display which are often polystyrene 'cake dummies' decorated exactly like real cakes. It's a good sign if a variety of design styles are on show. Even if the designs are not exactly what you are looking for, do you think they demonstrate good technique and finish? Do any of them have the general kind of feel you are looking for e.g. elegant, quirky, pretty, colourful, themed etc.?

Take along with you photos of any wedding cake designs that appeal to you, either torn out of magazines or collected from Pinterest on your phone or tablet. Chat to cake makers to find out if those types of design are achievable on your budget. You may find out that you'll have to rethink your design.

  1. Take advantage of any offers. You might find that special deals are available if you order a cake at a wedding fair e.g. a lower deposit or a free cutting cake (a cake that's kept in the kitchen and served at the same time as the main wedding cake).

How to find wedding fairs

If you've already booked your venue, find out whether they hold wedding fairs and, if so, when they are taking place. If you've not booked a venue yet, search online for something like 'wedding fairs in Perth' or 'wedding fairs in Edinburgh' or even 'wedding fairs in Scotland' to see what's on in the area where you're planning on getting married. You'll find several websites that publish lists of wedding fairs.

They're often promoted in local papers, wedding magazines and on local radio, so keep your eyes and ears open for adverts.

How did you find your wedding cake supplier?

If you've already found your cake supplier, how did you find them? Did they live up to your expectations? Please leave a comment below or drop me a note at info@leighsmithcakes.co.uk.

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